St George’s Island

Scuba diving at St Georges Island will give you a full day’s adventure in the Akamas Marine Reserve, on Cyprus’ northwest coast, over an hour’s road trip from the centre. With plenty to do, there is stunning scenery, historical sites, excellent food and thrilling scuba diving. A short boat trip from the fishing village of Latchi, the slopes of St Georges Island are abound in marine life, including moray eels and grouper. You can descend to 35 meters to explore the underwater caves. Sheltered from western winds, St George’s Island is a good alternative when other west coast sites are not suitable.

Due to the mountainous nature of the peninsula there are no roads running through its heartland,therefore it is an excellent place for an off-road adventure. Visitor attractions in the Akamas area include a loggerhead turtle sanctuary and the Baths of Aphrodite where the goddess is said to have bathed, near Polis. As the area is relatively inaccessible, there is a large diversity of flora and fauna to be seen.

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