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Add Depth To Your Life...

Experience Scuba Diving, Free Diving and Power Boating in the beautiful waters of Cyprus. Guided by professionals and taught by passionate instructors, you'll love your experience with Crest Dive.


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Add Depth To Your Life...

Experience Scuba Diving, Free Diving and Power Boating in the beautiful waters of Cyprus. Guided by professionals and taught by passionate instructors, you'll love your experience with Crest Dive.


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What We Offer

We strive to offer one of the best educations in the diving world, by offering a wide range of PADI courses, with instructors from all around the globe. You’re sure to have a fantastic experience, so why not join us on one of our three tracks.

Go Free Dive!

One Breath. One Mask. One Passion. Endless Possibilities. Want to ditch the tank and become one with nature? Experience the world around you, like never before? Join us and try one of our basic or advanced freediving courses.

Become a Free Diver Today…

Go Scuba Dive!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never had the chance to discover scuba before, or if you’re a seasoned diver, we’ve got you covered. We offer; Discover Scuba Diving programs for those yet to join our world, continuing education courses for those seeking to advance, as well as dive trips for the thrill seekers who want to “sea” Cyprus from a different perspective.

Get PADI Certified…

Go Powerboat!

Fancy learning to drive a boat? Always dreamt of  cruising the sea and exploring the oceans?  We offer; RYA certifications, own-boat tutition, and professional boat charters.

Captain With Confidence…

Our Top Destinations

Zenobia diver, Crest Dive, underwater, wreck


Dive The Zenobia - We Know It Inside Out
Akrotiri, Crest Dive, canon, fish reserve, crystal clear


Discover The Fish Of The Akrotiri Fish Reserve
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Cape Greco

Take A Trip To The Picture Perfect Cape Greco

About Us

Crest Dive is a family-run dive centre at the edge of Limassol, convieniently located in the St. Raphael Marina. Our location allows easy access to the house dive sites around the marina wall, as well as all sea-bound locations and wrecks that are worth seeing. Since opening, we provide dive education and dive trips to all major locations around Cyprus; such as the Zenobia, Akrotiri and Cape Greco. Our dive shop stocks top brands including Cressi and Mares and our RYA Power Boat School can cater for your boat handling needs. We strive to always offer the best service, tailored and personalized to you. But don’t take our word for it, hear it from some of our satisified customers and friends…



Below you can find just a few of the many excellent reviews we have received from happy and satisfied customers! See for yourself and join us on our Trip Advisor Page to get the most up-to-date reviews from our Certificate Of Excellence Crowned Center.

Advanced Open Water

Originally we did the open water course back in 2015 and we enjoyed it so much that we went back again in August this year and completed the advance course.
The whole experience was incredible.
The friendliness, professionalism, approachability and a general feel of safety throughout our courses, was remarkable.
It’s only unfair that I can’t give these guys more than 5 stars, because they deserve 10 stars.
We will visit them again next time we are in Cyprus.


August 2019

Very patient!

My wife and I took a discover scuba course with Crest. Despite my wife being very nervous and doing pretty much everything she could wrong, Nicole was patient throughout, taking the time needed to reassure her and get her through the training so that we could get a dive in.


August 2019

Zenobia Dive

Booked a short 5 night stay at St Raphael Resort with my you family and decided a dive on Zenobia was too good a chance to miss.

Visited the Dive shop and met Marco who was very helpful. Everybody as welcoming and friendly. The dive was arranged and it was just myself and a dive master called Elias who made the trip to Larnaca and on to the Zenobia Express out to the wreck.

Elias was an excellent guide, host and good company. We got on very well and the dives were excellent. We saw a lot of cool stuff both inside and outside the wreck and the onboard BBQ after the second dive finished the trip off really well!

Very relaxed and chilled trip and amazing dives.

Massive thank you to Elias and I would definitely recommend this dive centre to anyone already certified or just wanting to learn and take their first underwater breaths.


August 2019

About Us

From Our Blog

We, the “Cousteau Children”…..

Jacques-Yves Cousteau died 22 years ago on June 25th, 1997 leaving behind a generation inspired by his fascination for the sea and the ocean’s depths. "The Cousteau Children." His breath-taking films and documentaries have always captivated my attention and even now I love to watch them with my...

My Freediving Journey

Often, people learn to freedive by chance – maybe because they have the opportunity to do it following a scuba course or because the activity is recommended to them by a friend. Therefore, I will describe my freediving journey to help explain the true beauty of this incredibly sport which I hope...

Open Water Scuba – Breathe in, breathe out… let’s do this

I’ve always admired the beauty and power of the sea. There’s something wonderfully cathartic about watching the waves roll and crash towards the shore. Yet despite my love of the ocean, I had never taken the time to unravel the fascinating, beautiful and eye-opening world that exists below the...
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